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Support For Dads

Pillars of Strength runs two key programs – Time Out and In Hospital Support so that we can support dads and their families across Australia.

The added stress placed on dads and their families during this time is almost impossible for others to comprehend.

If you’re going through a time of trauma or if you know a dad who is please continue below:

Time Out/Respite

Even In times of prolonged crisis everyone needs a break. Our Time Out program is designed to give dads just that – some time out from the stresses they are dealing with. Our Time Out program gives dads – and their mates or other family members – the chance to simply go to a sporting event of their choice. This “me time”, taking your mind off everything if only for a few hours can make all the difference.

In addition to watching sport live our Time Out program includes a number of special events held throughout the year where dads can play a bit of sport themselves and simply have some fun. Here they can meet other dads going through similar experiences where they can both relax and relate to what others are going through.

By providing access to timeout allows the opportunity for a dad to reconnect with his support network.

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In Hospital Support

The entire “hospital experience” is fraught with stresses for dads and of course their families, everything from a major relocation to finding the spare cash to pay for parking. If this is a prolonged period (while an infant is in intensive care for example) the stresses of these apparently minor issues can seem to multiply exponentially. In terms of relocation in particular – for regional families who have to move their families to be near the NICU – this is much more. It’s extremely expensive.

Our In Hospital Support program has two strands. On the one hand we provide short term accommodation for families. On the other we provide vouchers for dads to use on the necessities – supermarket shopping, petrol and parking at the hospital. When there are so many things to account for – and pay for too – this can be extremely effective in helping reduce some of the stresses dads and their families are going through.

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