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The entire “hospital experience” is fraught with stresses for dads and of course their families, everything from a major relocation to finding the spare cash to pay for parking.
Parents face these enormous stresses – financial, emotional and practical, as they manage the juggle of hospital, home, other children and work, all against a background of uncertainty.

If this is a prolonged period while an infant is in intensive care the stresses of these apparently minor issues can seem to multiply exponentially. In terms of relocation in particular – for regional families who have to move their families to be near the NICU – this is much more. It’s extremely expensive.

  • Our Approach
  • Pillars of Strength aims to provide funding and other support to reduce immediate stressors so dads can focus on the priority of supporting their child/family.

    This is done by helping to meet day to day expenses for families during times of their child’s severe illness or even loss of life during prolonged hospitalisation.

  • Our Solutions
  • Our In Hospital Support program has two strands. On the one hand we provide short term accommodation for families. On the other we provide vouchers for dads to use on the necessities – supermarket shopping, petrol and parking at the hospital.

    When there are so many things to account for – and pay for too – this can be extremely effective in helping reduce some of the stresses dads and their families are going through.

A place to stay

Having to drop everything and leave home is a common occurrence for many families when their babies are struggling in a Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It doesn’t help when accommodation near hospitals is hard to find and costs a lot as well.

To reduce this stress, Pillars of Strength leases an apartment near Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) at St Leonards in Sydney so regional families have somewhere to stay in the first stages of their baby’s hospitalisation – at no cost to them.

We’ve had a number of families from across NSW stay there, from three days to a couple of months. This has alleviated a lot of stress for them and provided the hospital social work team with an accommodation option they don’t usually have.

Since the success of our program at RNSH, we have been asked to establish similar programs at other hospitals. However, until we have sustainable finances in place to support this we can’t fund expansion of this program.

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How We Can Help

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Food, Petrol & Parking

We’ve implemented a food, petrol and parking voucher program for families at Royal Women’s Hospital, Randwick.

At times of high stress it’s the little things that cumulatively make a big difference. So lots of seemingly small outgoings for commodities like supermarket basics and the petrol to get to and from hospital really add up. On top of that many hospitals’ car parking facilities are operated independently and some of these are increasing costs at an alarming rate.

Operating in conjunction with the hospital’s social work team this Pillars of Strength multi dimensional program helps relieve some of the monetary stress of regional families associated with having a sick child in hospital.

The success of this program means we would love to expand this practical assistance into other hospitals.

If you need some assistance with food, petrol or parking costs while your partner and child is in hospital or if you can help us expand this program please click below.

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Access to Sporting Events

As a bereaved dad you are able to access up to four tickets to any of the games and other activities we have on offer. You must have someone attend the activity with you whether it’s a mate or a family member.

Primarily these events include seats to NRL and AFL games plus an assortment of other sporting events including cricket, soccer, golf, rugby union and others depending on seasonality.

These activities are currently available mainly within NSW and the ACT however we are looking to expand the range and availability of services in Victoria and Queensland.

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