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Many of our donors and sponsors understand there is a woeful lack of support for grieving fathers. You can help by making a donation.
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We are always looking for volunteers

The team at Pillars of Strength is largely made up of volunteers. We are all here because we have had some experience, directly or indirectly, of losing a baby or infant child. We have also realised that whilst over the years that people and organisations have built many terrific support structures and processes for mums who lose their babies, along the way the dads have been ignored.

We want to fix this.

We also know that just providing the same sort of support to dads isn’t effective – in general men and women deal with trauma and grief differently.

We don’t ignore the mum’s needs – in fact, many mums refer their husbands and partners to Pillars of Strength because they can see that the dads need help…. and are not going to ask for it themselves.

We provide dads the help they need in a way that they can ask for it and accept it in the spirit it is provided.

We believe that the best way to help dads is by building communities where we help each other – men helping men. When we see this working, it gives us a real kick - not only do we feel great to have helped dads at one of the worst times in their lives, we are also showing communities that the entire family is helped when the dad can deal with his pain in a way that works for men.

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Who do we need?

We need people who can take on tasks in a variety of administrative and organisational areas.

Most of the stuff we do involves organising events, managing web sites and social media and generally bringing people together to get stuff done. We have big dreams for Pillars of Strength, and we need people from across Australia to get on board and help us expand. We promise that you will never have to provide counselling to dads - this is not what we do.

We also need people who love to get out and meet other people. Pillars of Strength is all about building communities and that means you have to get up and get out and do stuff.

Although most of the activities that we run are held exclusively for men, we are always happy to welcome women into the Pillars of Strength team. Our manager is a woman and many of the organisations we deal with are staffed in the majority with women so we also need people who can get stuff done in this environment.

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